Preparation of sales invoices

Estonian sales invoices are prepared in the Merit Aktiva software.

We can give you access to the software, so you can prepare invoices yourself and send them to your customers.

We prepare Finnish invoices in the Visma Passeli software.

Both Estonian and Finnish invoices can be sent as e-invoices.


We can help you prepare invoices to ensure that all the required data and the correct VAT are included.


We cooperate with Finnish and Estonian auditors and arrange audits of your company’s annual or interim reports.

Legal advice

Our team includes an accountant with a degree in law, which allows us to help our clients with simpler legal issues (e.g. to prepare various contracts).

In more complex issues, we cooperate with Finnish and Estonian lawyers.

Establishment and liquidation of companies

We’re happy to help you establish or liquidate a company in Estonia and Finland.